BLU-Ester technology

BLU-Ester technology represents unique synthetic lubricant and fluid formulations containing Ester base stock, which deliver outstanding performance in some of the most severe operating conditions.

Esters are synthesized from relatively pure and simple starting materials to produce predetermined molecular structures designed specifically for high performance lubrication. In addition, the inherent polarity of esters improves their performance in lubrication by reducing volatility, increasing lubricity, providing cleaner operation, and making lubricants and fluids more biodegradable.

These unique synthetic formulations offer a wide variety of benefits that both increase efficiency but also contain wear under the most severe operating conditions. In almost all areas of lubrication and performance, lubricants and fluids containing Ester based stock will outperform all other lubricant types.

Today, Esters are used in many applications including automotive and marine engine lubricants, refrigerant lubricants, compressor lubricants, hydraulic fluids, gear lubricants, and grease formulations. The low toxicity and excellent biodegradability of Ester molecules now offer many benefits to those applications.