Gear Lubricant

Over the last decade gear components have been pushed to the design limits as they are required to run at higher speeds and temperature, sustain heavier loads, and for longer periods of time. Along with new materials and improved manufacturing processes, synthetic lubricants technology (namely Ester based lubricants) has helped to achieve these higher industry expectations.

BLU Synthetic gear lubricants containing BLU-Ester technology offer end users the following features and benefits when compared to mineral based lubricants:

  1. Naturally high in polarity, they have an affinity for metal surfaces that allow esters to form a strong bond with metal surfaces, significantly reducing friction and wear at start up, even after long periods of shut-down.
  2. High viscosity index number providing better viscosity control under extreme operating temperatures (hot or cold), this consistency provides a more consistent lubricating film and more predictable wear performance over the working life of gear components.
  3. Excellent thermal and oxidation resistance helping reduce gear lubricant thickening, varnish, and carbon deposits, resulting in exceptionally clean gear components.
  4. Natural lubricity (low friction coefficient), reducing tooth related friction loss, thus increasing gear efficiency and improving fuel economy.
  5. High film strength, allows for lower viscosity use, therefore reducing lubricant drag and increasing lubricant efficiency, while still providing superior gear component protection.
  6. Superior low temperature flow properties, which significantly reduce gear component wear and increase gear component life.
  7. Reduces operating temperatures under full load, helping increase lubricant and gear component life.
  8. Extends gear component life due to reduced friction and wear.
  9. Prevent shrinking and cracking of elastomeric seal materials, helping reduce downtime and extend elastomeric seal life.
  10. Support extended drain intervals (when defined by original equipment manufacturers) without sacrificing performance or gear component protection.