Specifications & Licensing

Head-scratching is getting worse! Every year brings new lubricant and fluid standards, new OEM specifications, and increasing potential of application error – all of which is changing the market from “do-it-yourself” to “do-it-for-me”. Meanwhile, your inventory is growing more complex: In the past you might only have needed one 500-gallon tank of 5W-30 — now you need five different 5W-30s and dozens of other lubricants and fluids.

How do you know what specialty lubricant or fluid to use? And how can you be sure that the products you’ve purchased will actually meet the specs you’ve promised your customer? Using the right lubricant or fluid has never been more important to ensure optimum performance.

Here’s how we help:

  • We partner with the additive companies that develop lubricant and fluid additive chemistry. We investigate the technology available for Asia, Europe and North America, and we stay current with new applications as well as Industry and OEM requirements.
  • We use only advanced additive packages proven in synthetic lubricant and fluid applications by major additive companies. Many of these ad-packs are specifically licensed by OEMs for certain base oils, which we also use.
  • We ensure that all BLU Synthetic lubricants and fluids are blended and packaged in facilities that conform to current ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO/TS 16949: the international standard for quality management systems.
  • We license many finished blended products as required by the OEMs to support warranty requirements.
  • We make it easy for you to stock small quantities of just the lubricants and fluids you need.

Check out the BLU Synthetic Product Application Guides under each division and the BLU Limited Warranty to find out more.