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Specifications & Licensing

Head-scratching is getting worse! Every year brings new lubricant and fluid standards, new OEM specifications, and increasing potential of application error – all of which is changing the market from “do-it-yourself” to “do-it-for-me”. Meanwhile, your inventory is growing more complex: In the past you might only have needed one 500-gallon tank of 5W-30 — now you need five different 5W-30s and dozens of other lubricants and fluids.

How do you know what specialty lubricant or fluid to use?

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    Authorized marketers and installers of BLU Synthetic branded lubricants and fluids are entitled to request the use of Blu Canada Limited trademarked logos. Blu Canada Limited actively encourages marketers/distributors and installers to do this, as we believe it is an excellent way of promoting their firm’s authorized status, and we encourage clients to place the logo on any tender documentation and signage.

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