SAE J2360

Increasingly, original equipment manufacturers and end-users are seeking lubricant performance qualities that exceed those of API GL-5. The SAE J2360 is an example of a standard that defines a level of performance beyond API GL-5.

By far the premier standard in common use today, SAE J2360 is a global quality standard specified by many North American OEMs and by growing numbers elsewhere in the world. The rigorous approval requirements, including controlled field-testing and independent committee review, ensure that products approved under the SAE J2360 Standard meet the very highest demands of axles and non-synchronized manual transmissions.

SAE J2360 will have a significant impact in parts of the world where the MIL-PRF-2105E specification has not been available. The lack of a global performance standard has resulted in various degrees of quality throughout the world. The lack of uniform quality is regarded, by many, as the cause for warranty issues for OEMs and equipment problems for end-users. The transition to SAE J2360 should result in an overall increase in performance level for automotive gear lubricants globally.

In 1986, the SAE outlined the trucking industry's need for a gear lubricant category, which would provide performance characteristics essential to ensure optimum service life for heavy-duty non-synchronized manual transmissions. It was determined the class of oils used in manual transmissions was not always in compliance with the builder's primary recommendations. API Category MT-1 was developed to satisfy OEM objectives for optimum transmission performance and service life. This was achieved by combining in a single lubricant the cleanliness and oil seal life typical of engine oils with the load characteristics of gear oil.

In 1991, the U.S. Department of Defense published a directive to adopt non government standards in preference to federal and military specifications whenever practical. The objective was to relieve the government of the burden of maintaining these specifications. One outcome of this directive was that the SAE rewrote MIL-PRF-2105E in the form of SAE J2360. This Standard is identical to MIL-PRF-2105E with one exception. Under SAE J2360, an oil blender or marketer anywhere in the world can now obtain a formal approval and have their name and the name of their approved lubricant published on a Qualified Products List. This will enable them to demonstrate a measurable and recognized quality of performance for their lubricants and should lead to a greater return on their investment in the development of these lubricants. Equipment manufacturers will also benefit in that they now have a means by which to specify and identify high-quality lubricants for use in their equipment anywhere in the world. Perhaps most importantly, end-user benefit from gaining ready access to quality products that will reduce equipment downtime and maintenance costs.