BLU Bottle

Some call it Bling.
Others call it The Top-Up Solution.
But we see the BLU Bottle as an Industry Game Changer.

Environmental responsibility is a core value, and one goal is to reduce or eliminate plastic oil bottles. Ta da! the 1-Liter reusable aluminum BLU Bottle. Now your customers can easily carry top-up lubricant or fluid—and return to you for refills.

The BLU Bottle is cool in so many ways:

  • It is 99.5% pure 1050B aluminum.
  • It is extruded from a single piece of metal, making it seamless.
  • It is recyclable, reusable, nontoxic and tough.
  • The wide neck design makes for easy pouring and refilling.
  • The black polypropylene screw cap includes a tamper-evident tear-off locking flange and an inner aluminum foil liner.
  • Inside the cap is a low-density polyethylene plug with a pull-off ring. No leaks!
  • The BLU Bottle is U.N. approved as single packaging.
  • All your friends will want one.

What will the BLU Bottle do for your service business?

Contact your local authorized BLU Synthetic marketer/distributor to get your hands on one today!