BLU Logos

Authorized marketers and installers of BLU Synthetic branded lubricants and fluids are entitled to request the use of Blu Canada Limited trademarked logos. Blu Canada Limited actively encourages marketers/distributors and installers to do this, as we believe it is an excellent way of promoting their firm’s authorized status, and we encourage clients to place the logo on any tender documentation and signage. Blu Canada Limited has, therefore tried to be as flexible as possible in allowing marketers/distributors and installers, considerable freedom in the way in which they may use the BLU Synthetic trademarked logos.

To protect Blu Canada Limited’s logos and the integrity of the BLU Synthetic brand, we have developed trademark and usage requirements that apply to all third parties making reference to BLU Synthetic trademarked logos. Before submitting a request to use the BLU Synthetic logos, please carefully review the Terms of Use< governing your use of the logos. Blu Canada Limited will review your request and make a determination, in its sole discretion, whether and to what extent it will grant you use of the logos. Blu Canada Limited reserves the right at all times to deny a request to use its logos.

Please allow five business days for your request to be reviewed. If your request is approved, you will receive an e-mail containing the logos (in a variety of acceptable formats), along with a written Terms of Use< and Logo Usage Rules to which you agree to comply when you use the BLU Synthetic trademarked logos. If Blu Canada Limited determines not to grant your request, you will receive an e-mail accordingly.