BLU Philosophy

I’ve spent years in the industry—I’ve sold domestic brands and imported European brands, and I’ve learned a lot about how the service industry, specifically technicians, are not getting what you need. At the end of the day, do the big companies really care about you and your customer base?

I appreciate the challenges you face and what you do. Most of you are small businesses, and so am I when compared to the giants in the industry. Five years ago, I formulated a plan and worked on understanding the business even better. Then I went to market with a pilot program and our ‘Technician’s Series’ of lubricants. A year later, I found a Canadian marketer/distributor. Now BLU Synthetic is sold across Canada, and I’ve proved my business model works. Everyone benefits, especially technicians, because we can deliver more of what you need to be successful. I can’t speak to everyone who buys my product, but I can speak to everyone who sells it, and I do.

I started with a simple vision: (1) to be recognized as a responsible producer of quality synthetic lubricants; (2) to be a leader with professional technicians everywhere through products, programs, and ongoing technical support; and (3) to be a leader in reducing the environmental impact of our business through the way we run the business, the products we develop, and the packaging we use. That’s the vision responsible for our success today.

I hope you’ll consider becoming a member of the BLU Synthetic family.

Founder and CEO
Blu Canada Limited

Established in 2005 and based in Calgary Alberta Canada, BLU Synthetic delivers uniquely formulated synthetic lubricants and fluids required by professional technicians throughout the transportation industry. The BLU Synthetic brand has successfully established itself as a reliable source for a full range of specialty applications and technical support.