Information & Support

Information is power!

That’s why BLU Synthetic Product Application Guides are packed with specifications. We make it easy to cross-reference our products with your shop software system to help eliminate application errors.

A big part of our business is researching specs. Who’s using which products? What viscosity is associated with each application? Does a particular BLU product fit? Our BLU Synthetic Product Application Guides can be a key in your shop: Fold them out, pin them to the wall, and you’ll have all the information you need.

Technical support

Got a tough question? A challenging new application? A customer with a problem? We’ll research the issues, find the answers, get back to you, and add the information to our growing knowledge base. We’ll also pass it along to our authorized marketers/distributors at the next training session.

We routinely conduct training and education seminars for our authorized marketers/distributors to ensure they understand our products. We even go out on the road with sales reps to meet customers and ‘keep our feet on the ground.’ If you’d like to meet BLU in person the next time we’re in your area, please contact us and let us know.

Marketing support

Our high-tech fluids are designed and marketed to support your business. You can use our logos and website information—please check our BLU Logo Gallery and Website Policies page for details.