Why BLU?

BLU Synthetic lubricants and fluids support your service-center business in a variety of ways:

  1. All BLU Synthetic lubricants and fluids meet or exceed Industry Standards and/or OEM Specifications, enabling technicians to conduct service and maintenance with confidence.
  2. Many BLU Synthetic lubricants and fluids are licensed under Industry Standards and/or OEM Specifications. BLU keeps you on top of the game.
  3. All BLU Synthetic lubricants and fluids feature multi-vehicle specifications, providing extensive application coverage and greater inventory efficiency.
  4. Sign-up free for specification updates and stay on top of new Industry Standards and OEM Specifications, as well as new product releases and technical articles.
  5. BLU ordering programs and pricing flexibility can give you ‘bulk’ prices on pail quantities. No cash tied up in quantities you can’t use.
  6. With BLU, you’ll always get answers to your questions—and be supported by authorized BLU Synthetic marketers/distributors who are thoroughly trained and knowledgeable about our products.
  7. Reducing environmental impact is an increasing concern. BLU has taken the lead in this area too, by eliminating plastic consumer packaging and introducing the unique and reusable BLU Bottle.

The BLU Philosophy is all about you—and your success in the 21st century.