0W-16 Technician Series ULV-FS

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Engine - Gasoline
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Packaging Size
20L Pail
205L Drum


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ULV: Ultra-Low Viscosity<
Full Synthetic

BLU Synthetic 0W-20 Technician Series FS reduces drag for easy starting, making it the ‘ultimate’ in meeting fuel economy targets. Currently, this lubricant conforms to both API and ILSAC specifications, supporting the requirements of both North American and Japanese Original Equipment Manufacturers. Like our 5W-20 engine lubricant, it provides:

  • Fuel economy and fuel economy retention. Low viscosity design and a unique friction-reducing formulation means less internal lubricant drag and more miles per liter/gallon. BLU engine lubricants also retain their quality and performance over time, thanks to their superior antioxidancy.
  • Low emissions. Low phosphorus content helps protect catalytic converters and modern emission-control systems do their job of reducing harmful emissions.
  • Long engine life. BLU engine lubricants are specifically designed to prevent oxidation, keep engines clean and minimize wear in today’s engines, which run hotter because of cramped engine bays, smaller sumps, turbo-charging, super-charging, variable timing, and other engineering advances.
  • Easy startup. Outstanding low temperature viscosity properties allow easy engine start-up with full lubrication, cutting wear and prolonging engine life.
  • Excellent antiwear protection for both high-speed, high-temperature running conditions and stop-and-go city driving.
  • Excellent detergency and dispersancy keeps dirt and combustion byproducts in solution for trouble-free engine operation.
  • Extensive application coverage. Service centers that stock BLU lubricants can service most vehicles with just a few fluids — no million-dollar inventory required.

Product NOTE

  • Only use where a 0W-20 is recommended by an OEM.
  • Always consult vehicle owner’s manual for the correct engine lubricant specification and drain interval period.