5W-30 Technician Series D1-FS

Acura: HTO-06
Buick: dexos 1
Cadillac: dexos 1
Chevrolet: dexos 1
Chrysler: MS-6395
Daewoo: dexos 1
Dodge: MS-6395
Ford: WSS-M2C929-A
Ford: WSS-M2C946-A
General Motors: dexos 1
GMC: dexos 1
Honda: HTO-06
Jeep: MS-6395
Lincoln: WSS-M2C929-A
Lincoln: WSS-M2C946-A
Opel: dexos 1
Pontiac: dexos 1
Vauxhall: dexos 1
dexos 1 supercedes (replaces):
- GM-LL-A-025
- GM4718M
- GM6094M
Engine - Gasoline
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Packaging Size
20L Pail
205L Drum


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D1: dexos 1*
FS: Full Synthetic

BLU Synthetic 5W-30 Technician Series D1-FS has been developed to support GMs’ introduction of dexos 1, a new engine lubricant standard for factory fill and service fill within many GM engines. The reason for the new engine lubricant specification is three-fold: meet environmental goals such as increasing fuel efficiency and reducing engine emissions, promote long engine life, and minimize the number of oil changes to help meet the goal of lowering the industry’s overall dependence on crude oil. dexos 1 is a GM-developed engine lubricant specification that has been designed to:

  • Further improve fuel economy (to meet future Corporate Average Fuel Economy, CAFE, requirements) and fuel economy retention, which allows the engine lubricant to maintain its fuel economy benefits throughout the life of the lubricant.
  • Provide a more robust formulation for added engine protection and aeration performance.
  • Support GM’s Engine Oil Life System (EOLS) and minimize the use of engine lubricants.
  • Ensure worldwide availability of high quality engine lubricant for service fill needs.
  • Reduce the duplication of requirements for a large number of internal GM engine oil specifications.

Blu Synthetic 5W-30 Technician Series D1-FS also provides:

  • Long engine life. BLU engine lubricants are specifically designed to prevent oxidation, keep engines clean and minimize wear in today’s engines, which run hotter because of cramped engine bays, smaller sumps, turbo-charging, super-charging, variable timing, and other engineering advances.
  • Excellent low temperature viscosity promotes quick start-up full lubrication, for minimal start-up engine wear and longer engine life.
  • Excellent antiwear protection in high-speed and high-temperature operations.
  • Excellent detergency and dispersancy keeps dirt and combustion byproducts in solution—minimizing sludge and deposits—for trouble-free engine operation.
  • Superior antioxidancy. Our high-quality synthetic base stock resists thickening to maintain quick startup, minimal oil consumption, and reduced emissions over time.
  • Excellent seal compatibility prevents leaks or embrittlement that could lead to engine failure.

Product NOTE

  • dexos 1 is backward compatible (see Product Data Sheet).
  • Not recommended for older engines or high mileage engines.
  • Always consult vehicle owner’s manual for the correct engine lubricant specification and drain interval period. 

*dexos 1 is a registered trademark of the General Motors Corporation