5W-50 Technician Series FS

API: CF (<2009)
Audi: 500 00
Audi: 501 01
Audi: 502 00 (Gasoline)*
Audi: 505 00 (Diesel)*
BMW: LL-98*
Chrysler: 229.1
Dodge: 229.1
Fiat: 9.55535-H2
Jeep: 229.1
Land Rover: API SJ, SH, SL
Land Rover: STC50527
Mercedes Benz: 229.1*
SEAT: 502 00 (Gasoline)*
SEAT: 505 00 (Diesel)*
Skoda: 502 00 (Gasoline)*
Skoda: 505 00 (Diesel)*
Smart: 229.1
Volkswagen: 500 00
Volkswagen: 501 01
Volkswagen: 502 00 (Gasoline)*
Volkswagen: 505 00 (Diesel)*
*see Product Data Sheet
Engine - Gasoline
Engine - Diesel (Light-Duty)
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Packaging Size
20L Pail
205L Drum


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FS: Full Synthetic

BLU Synthetic 5W-50 Technician Series FS provides both exceptional cold-temperature flow at startup as well as high-temperature protection in severe operating conditions, for excellent wear protection in all driving situations. Suitable for gasoline and light-duty diesel engines, this engine lubricant is an excellent choice for spirited driving, towing, hot temperatures, and older high-mileage vehicles experiencing moderate oil consumption. It also provides:

  • Excellent antiwear protection in high-speed and high-temperature operations.
  • Excellent low temperature viscosity promotes quick start-up full lubrication, for minimal start-up engine wear and longer engine life.
  • Excellent detergency and dispersancy keeps dirt and combustion byproducts in solution—minimizing sludge and deposits—for trouble-free engine operation.
  • Superior antioxidancy. Our high-quality synthetic base stock resists thickening to maintain quick startup, minimal oil consumption, and reduced emissions over time.
  • Suitable for indirect-injection diesel engines and diesel engines using fuel with more than 0.5% sulfur.
  • The durable solution for severe duty applications like high-temperature towing.
  • Extensive application coverage, gasoline and light-duty diesel applications. Stock BLU lubricants and you won’t need to maintain a million-dollar inventory to service a broad range of vehicles arriving at their service depot.

BLU solution 5W-50
5W-50 is an excellent replacement for high mileage (outside of warranty) European engines originally requiring 5W-40. This 5W-50 delivers the same cold crank efficiency, but increased high temperature durability in older high mileage engines. Recommended usage:

  • High mileage engines
  • Severe driving conditions
    • High temperatures
    • Modified engines
    • High loads (Towing) 

Product NOTE

  • Always consult vehicle owner’s manual for the correct engine lubricant specification and drain interval period.