75W-140 Technician Series HD-FS

Military: MIL-L-2105C
Military: MIL-L-2105D
Military: MIL-PRF-2105E
SAE: J2360
OEM: Multi-Vehicle (see PDS)
Manual Transmission
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Packaging Size
10L Pail
20L Pail
205L Drum


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HD: Heavy-Duty
FS: Full Synthetic

Contains: BLU-Ester technology

BLU Synthetic 75W-140 Technician Series HD-FS is a higher-viscosity full synthetic gear lubricant designed for heavy-duty extreme-load applications. It shares the features of BLU 75W-90 TDL-FS except for use in manual transmissions:

  • Outstanding anti-wear and extreme-pressure performance protects components from wear, spalling and metal fatigue.
  • Outstanding thermal and oxidative stability keeps components clean and protects against oil thickening, sludge and deposits—even in extended use at high temperatures.
  • Long-term durability offers potential for extended drain intervals (when defined by an original equipment manufacturer), to reduce operating costs and vehicle maintenance.
  • Shear-stable viscosity modifiers keep BLU gear lubricants in-grade, even at high loads and temperatures.
  • Seal compatibility helps prevent oil leakage to keep the lubricant where it’s supposed to be—in the transmission, differential, or axle.
  • Anti-foam characteristics maintain the protective lubricant film to ensure constant lubrication of components.
  • Rust and corrosion inhibitors protect the driveline from water and moisture, extending the life of the transmission, differential, and axle.
  • Wide application for axles and differentials in extreme heavy-duty service.

Product NOTE

  • Gear lubricant contains no Limited Slip Differential (LSD) additive, add if necessary, or see BLU Synthetic Gear Lubricants with LSD additive.
  • Do not use in manual transmission or transaxles requiring API: GL-4 gear lubricant.
  • Always consult vehicle owner’s manual for the correct gear lubricant specification and drain interval period.