75W-140 Technician Series LSD-FS

Military: MIL-L-2105D
Military: MIL-PRF-2105E
SAE: J2360
OEM: Multi-Vehicle (see PDS)
Limited Slip Differential
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Packaging Size
10L Pail
20L Pail
205L Drum


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LSD: Limited Slip Differential
FS: Full Synthetic

Contains: BLU-Ester technology

BLU Synthetic 75W-140 Technician Series LSD-FS is a higher-viscosity full synthetic LSD gear lubricant designed for heavy-duty extreme-load applications. It shares the features of BLU 75W-90 LSD-FS:

  • Outstanding anti-wear and extreme-pressure performance protects components from wear, spalling and metal fatigue.
  • Outstanding thermal and oxidative stability keeps components clean and protects against oil thickening, sludge and deposits—even in extended use at high temperatures.
  • Optimized friction characteristics enhance synchromesh performance and promote smooth gearshifts.
  • Premixed LSD friction modifiers that eliminate the need for most OEM friction modifiers (see Product Data Sheet for complete application coverage).
  • Shear-stable viscosity modifiers keep BLU gear lubricants in-grade, even at high loads and temperatures.
  • Seal compatibility helps prevent oil leakage to keep the lubricant where it’s supposed to be—in the transmission, differential, or axle.
  • Anti-foam characteristics maintain the protective lubricant film to ensure constant lubrication of components.
  • Rust and corrosion inhibitors protect the driveline from water and moisture, extending the life of the transmission, differential, and axle.
  • Long-term durability offers potential for extended drain intervals (when defined by an original equipment manufacturer), to reduce operating costs and vehicle maintenance.

Product NOTE

  • Contains limited slip differential additive designed for clutch type limited slip differentials. However, there may be instances when axle chatter occurs. If so, it is acceptable to add additional limited slip additive if necessary.
  • Do not use in manual transmission or transaxle applications.
  • Always consult vehicle owner’s manual for the correct gear lubricant specification and drain interval period.