75W-80 Technician Series MTF-FS

OEM: Multi-Vehicle (see PDS)
Manual Transmission
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10L Pail
20L Pail


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MTF: Manual Transmission Fluid
FS: Full Synthetic

BLU Synthetic 75W-80 MTF-FS can replace multiple OEM fluids for North American, European, and Asian vehicles—so you can meet the critical need for the correct manual transmission fluid with just a little shelf space. Our premier, full-synthetic MTFs, outperform conventional fluids:

  • Outstanding synchronizer performance and shift quality for a wide range of synchronizer systems, including brass. Your customers get a better driving experience, even in sub-zero temperatures.
  • Thermal and oxidative stability prevents deposits that can lead to hardware failure. Tough DKA tests proved that BLU Synthetic MTF provides significant improvements over basic API GL-4 gear lubricant.
  • Shear stability means that the fluid doesn’t get ‘torn apart’ in service; the fluid’s film thickness remains intact to protect the transmission. Our MTF uses very shear-stable, advanced viscosity modifiers that can carry more load without breaking down. Industry-standard 20-hour KRL tests the superiority of our additive system over typical engine-lubricant formulations.
  • Seal compatibility ensures that BLU Synthetic MTF won’t cause leaks that could lead to transmission failure. Our fluids also protect against pitting and corrosion.
  • Broad range of performance to meet multiple OEMs requirements, while reducing inventory and the risk of misapplication

Product NOTES:

  • Do not use in manual transmission or transaxle requiring API: GL-5 gear lubricant.
  • Do not use in heavy-duty commercial applications.
  • Always consult vehicle owner’s manual for the correct manual transmission fluid specification and drain interval period.