ATF Technician Series MVLV-FS


OEM: Multi-Vehicle (see PDS)
Automatic Transmission
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Packaging Size
20L Pail
205L Drum


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MVLV: Multi-Vehicle Low Viscosity<
FS: Full Synthetic

BLU Synthetic ATF Technician Series MVLV-FS is a Low Viscosity Multi-Vehicle ATF delivering outstanding performance and broad coverage for Asian, European and North American vehicles, include Asian industry standard JASO 1-A LV. This competitive formulation contains the latest additive technology, enabling strong performance in low viscosity applications, without compromising wear, while delivering genuine oil level friction durability. Nothing is more important to the driving experience than smooth shifting in all weather conditions.

  • Fuel economy benefits a result of a low viscosity profile, improved shear stability and consistent performance.
  • Oxidative and Thermal Stability prevents oil thickening, deposit formation, and harmful acidic by-products to protect components, maintain effective heat transfer, increase efficiency, and reduce risk of seal leakage.
  • Shear-Stable Viscosity maintains film thickness regardless of temperature, increasing efficiency and protecting components over long drain intervals.
  • Friction Stability ensures smooth engagement with no shudder, longer clutch life, and enhanced driver comfort.
  • Low Pour Point ensures consistent shifting down to -51°C (-60°F).
  • Supports extended Drain Intervals when defined by original equipment manufacturers, reducing service requirements and maintenance costs.
  • Beneficial Environmental Impact through improved component life, reduced oil leakage, and better fuel economy.
  • Broad Range of Performance to meet multiple OEMs low viscosity requirements, while reducing inventory and the risk of misapplication

Product NOTE

  • Do not use in older transmissions that require a high-viscosity fluid.
  • Do not use in Continuous Variable Transmissions (CVT) or Dual Clutch Transmissions (DCT).
  • Always consult vehicle owner’s manual for the correct automatic transmission fluid specification and drain interval period.