The durable solution for limited slip differentials (LSDs)

LSDs not only have to stand up to extreme contact-pressure loads, shear force and high temperatures, they must transfer power between wheels without chatter, noise or vibration.  Standard API GL-5 and SAE J 2360 gear lubricants can’t do it, but BLU LSD Gear Lubricants with BLU-Ester technology can and do.

Most lubricants are designed simply to minimize friction between moving surfaces—but the gear lubricant in a clutch-type limited-slip differential has a second job: It must also facilitate friction between LSD clutch plates. It is this carefully controlled clutch friction that distributes power to the wheel with traction and enables off-road operation. (For more information on LSD, see:<.)

A common pitfall of poor lubricant characteristics in a clutch-type LSD is stick-slip operation, where clutch plates alternately stick together and slip, causing squeaking, chatter, vibration and wear. BLU Technician Series LSD Gear Lubricants contain special friction modifiers to ensure smooth and quiet clutch-plate operation for powerful off-road performance and long differential life. These LSD lubricants are based on BLU full-synthetic gear lubricants and, like them, include our advanced extreme-pressure and anti-wear additive system to reduce operating temperatures, prevent deposits, increase efficiency, and extend drain intervals (when defined by original equipment manufacturers).

75W-90 Technician Series LSD-FS
Energy-efficient for most applications

75W-140 Technician Series LSD-FS
Higher-viscosity for the most demanding operating conditions