Reduce complex coolant selection - with just one HOAT formulation.

BLU coolant is designed for use within a wide range of automobiles and light duty trucks regardless of fuel type built by American, European, or Asian OEMs (see application list). This product is dyed yellow, which allows it to be used as top-up within a variety of automobile or light duty truck applications without changing the existing coolant color. BLU coolant is recommended for use in general service applications where cooling system warranty maintenance is not required.

BLU hybrid organic acid technology (HOAT) coolant is formulated with a proprietary stabilization system to improve the durability of its carboxylate salt base and extend its range of compatibility with both conventional inorganic salts and OAT-type antifreezes. BLU coolant contain no phosphates, borates, nitrates, or silicates and provide a service life up to 250,000 km, or 2,000 hours, or five years, whichever comes first. This extended life coolant possesses multiple complex carboxylic acid derivatives along with nitrite to protect all six standard metal alloys (brass, copper, steel, solder, cast iron and aluminum). These low foaming carboxylates and additives, plus other proprietary ingredients, not only provide broad-range metal protection but also guard the cooling system against corrosion and cavitation-erosion. In addition it contains additives to minimize hot surface scaling while also preventing heat transfer surface fouling due to minor oil leakage.

HOAT Technician Series MV-LLC (100) Concentrate<

HOAT Technician Series MV-LLC (50:50) Premixed

HOAT Technician Series MV-LLC (60:40) Premixed