Standing up to high temperatures and heavy loads

Operating temperatures of final drives often exceed 150ºC (300ºF), because today’s engines produce more torque, and new aerodynamic designs cut natural cooling. More than 17 million kilometers of field testing prove that BLU-Ester base stock and the advanced additive systems in BLU Synthetic gear lubricants stand up to today’s challenges.

Contact-pressure loads in modern hypoid drives can be extreme, because gear teeth both press and slide against each other. With a limited oil volume, no internal pumping and precious little cooling through the casing surface, the microscopically thin layer of oil between the teeth must withstand extreme pressure and shear force. In the past, the only way to protect components was with a high viscosity oil — a toll on fuel economy. Engineers could only dream of being able to maintain safe axle temperatures under high loads using a low-viscosity, energy-efficient lubricant.

Today that dream is a reality. Advanced BLU Technician Series gear lubricants contain a novel extreme-pressure and anti-wear additive system that modifies metal-to-metal friction and to actually reduce operating temperatures. These gear lubricants also employ enhanced viscosity modifiers that optimize fluid film-strength and protect driveline components, even with extended drain intervals (when defined by original equipment manufacturers).

BLU Technician Series gear lubricants are not only tough and efficient, they are extremely stable and durable at temperatures that would turn conventional oils to sludge and varnish. They perform far beyond the requirements of Industry and OEM specifications and serve a broad range of gear applications. The result is maximum application flexibility with minimum inventory.

75W-90 Technician Series TDL-FS
Total Driveline Gear Lubricant – Energy-efficient for most applications

75W-140 Technician Series HD-FS
Heavy-Duty Gear Lubricant – Higher-viscosity for the most demanding operating conditions