Why the right MTF is critical — and how BLU makes it easy

The multiplying complexity and numbers of manual transmission fluids (MTFs) means that many service centers don’t stock them. But using an engine lubricant, ATF or gear lubricant instead of an MTF can cause horrendous problems: poor shifting, seal leakage, corrosion, wear and mechanical failure. Here’s how BLU makes it easy to keep the right fluid on-hand.

A manual transmission may appear unglamorous, but it’s one of the toughest operating environments for a fluid. Now add today’s tighter engine packaging, smaller gears, more gear ratios, reduced fluid volumes, and lower viscosities (to increase engine efficiency). The result is increased torque and loads, and a much more demanding duty cycle.

Extensive testing proves that lubes customized for manual transmissions deliver measurable benefits. This is one area where drivers will really notice the performance difference—smoother, quicker gear shifting at all temperatures, and better transmission engagement. And with the right fluid, they won’t have to worry about synchronizer failure, leakage, corrosion or wear.

BLU Technician Series MTFs are the right fluids for a broad range of manual transmissions, thanks to our combination of synthetic base stocks, viscosity modifiers, and unique additives. Our fluids meet or exceed OEM requirements, and they deliver smooth synchromesh engagement, increased durability, superb low temperature performance, and improved corrosion protection. Just a little space on your shelf can give most all your customers exactly the fluid they need.

75W-80 Technician Series MTF-FS

75W-90 Technician Series MTF-FS